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Terms & Conditions


  • Clients should order directly from, if an invoice is required it will be sent once client and SJohnson Designs both agree on specific pricing and details for project. Invoices must be paid within 2 days or it is subject to be cancelled. Another invoice can be sent but needs to be paid within the same day. Client agrees to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit on all projects Except Web Design which can be paid in installments, final payment is due when all revisions have been approved by you (“The Client”).

  • Currently only accepting Paypal to process orders!

  • Branding Clients get 3 rounds of revisions, any additional rounds are subject to $10 per round.

  • If client is 1 week late with final payment a $10 fee will be added for each week late.

  • Failure to pay balance within  3 weeks (once design is approved by client) will result in cancelled invoice and NO REFUND
    for deposit.


  • NO REFUNDS will be given after work (including proofs) have been issued and/or labor has begun. If for any reason client cancels services,
    no payment shall be reimbursed and work becomes forfeited by you (“The Client”).

  • SJohnson Designs is not responsible for any damages towards print + ship projects nor is SJohnson Designs responsible for lost shipping packages and would suggest contacting the shipping provider (UPS or USPS).


  • Email should be the first form of communication between you(“The Client”) and SJohnson Designs. It is important to protect both of us by having written communication at all times to ensure there are no misunderstandings. Phone consultations can be scheduled, it is you (“The Client”) responsibility to email what was discussed so we can always refer back.

  • All emails for new clients are answered Monday-Friday throughout the day. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

  • Please be advised all design samples will be sent 7:00 PM to12:00 AM EST during weekdays.

  • Orders are cancelled if there is no communication from client for 3 Weeks or more. I will decline working with client in the future if work is  abandoned with no communication.


  • Client must provide their information in a timely manner, please be sure to proof ALL copy before sending it to Sjohnson Designs.

  • Sjohnson Designs will try to ensure that no information is misspelled or out of place. However, it is the clients responsibility to proof ALL content. By Approving the designs you are agreeing everything is correct, Please be sure to review well, once items are printed, you will have to pay a reprinting fee if something is wrong.

  • Client should send all copy in a word document or other writing software(pages, text edit, notes). If sending a lot of images please make a folder and provide a dropbox link.


ALL design only projects are sent to you (“The Client”) in the form of email from me ("SJohnson Designs").

  • Logo Designs,Business Card Designs, Flyers, Digital Invitations are sent in the following formats: .JPEG | .PNG | .PDF

  • Social Media ADs are sent in the following formats: .PNG only (1080x1080 Dimensions to fit Instagram perfectly)

  • AI PS and/or EPS  files WILL NOT be sent to you (“The Client”) if needed a additional fee is needed.


Turn around times can range from 2-14 business days. Logos may take anywhere from 5-14 days. Website design may range from 2-5 weeks. Branding packages may take from 2-5 weeks. Turn around time depends on how soon you (“The Client”), communicates with the designer with the

necessary information to complete the project. Bookings are in first come first serve order.


SJohnson Designs agrees to keep all client information private and secure. ALL passwords, emails, and login information, will not be shared with anyone other than you. All communication between the client & designer is strictly confidential. No username or password will ever be used for more than what it is intended for.


  • All unused concepts, fonts, purchased fonts + stock photos remain the property of SJohnson Designs you ("The Client) have the right to use your designs for your business needs. Design and Print items can be reprinted if you ("The Client) want the digital files they may be purchased for an additional fee.

  • You own the rights to your logo It is you ("The Client") responsibility to Copyright your logo or trademark it.

  • SJohnson Designs has the rights to use designs for personal portfolio (digital and print) and any marketing purposes, and to obtain your full name, business name, Social Media outlets or website for testimonial purposes on my ("SJohnson Designs") website.

By reading these terms and conditions you are agreeing to Sjohnson Designs policy

We have the right to decline any project or client at any moment for any reason. Last updated 08/19

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